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tv   BOS Replay Budget and Finance Committee 91416  SFGTV  September 15, 2016 5:05am-7:31am PDT

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>> morning everybody welcome to the budget and finance committee meeting for wednesday, september 14, 2016, my name is mark farrell chairing the committee joined by supervisor katie tang and supervisor norman yee and want to thank the clerk clerk victor
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young and sfgovtv members for covering this meeting just lost the names please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. items acted upon today will appear on the september 20th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> call item one. >> wages for the loading and unloading of materials products for special events on city properties for city vehicles so for to you purpose. >> we have supervisor wiener officer who is the sponsor. >> good afternoon supervisor farrell and i'm from supervisor wiener's office before you is legislation that will help to insure the folks behind the
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scenes making the events the success those are folks that upload tables and equipment and the likes and we want to make sure their do paid a fair living wage while doing that work the board of supervisors has been consistent with the support for prevailing legislation insuring the work done on city permits it held to a higher standard with a fair living wage that supports families with a quality of life we have worked on this protective for a year and thank you to the local agency formation commission and the rec and park department, the mta and the port for theirs helpful feedback has we develop this proposal before the committee is legislation that focuses on park property and casts a wider net in terms of the types of events for the loading and unloading of vehicles many will apply since this item was agendized we've
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been can with sfrrlz with labor and organizers and event organizers to tailor the legislation to insure wear striking the right balance between supporting our workers and insuring war not causing a financial burden on the capitalized events i'll request the committee entertain a motion to go make a serious even if amendments i'm concerned distributed you should have if flouven you that representative an expansion of the prevailing wage requirement with respect to geography that makes that apply 120ir9 and festivity limiting the kinds of events covered we're focusing on this on the fence that have a high-level of production i have been informed by the city attorney's office those amendments are substantive the item needs to be continued for one week briefly the amendments
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are as follows: as i mentioned we will expand the prevailing wage requirement for the driving loading and uploading of commercial vehicles to all city properties not just rec and park and that was at the request of the rec and park department and then but at the same time as i mentioned before as a way to measure proxy to look at the larger events with more access to capital the this new requirement would apply only if the event otherwise already triggers other prevailing wage provisions mainly the theatre california workers like putting you think large stamps and stages and things like that or if it triggers the prevailing wage that is tied to trade shows and so and all of the exemptions
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that are in those prevailing wage sections apply as well as the exemptions in the orientals before you that are specific to this so to think about it the prevailing wage requirement is for events on city property only those events fib already trigger under existing law prevailing wage requirements has to do with with production of those events and so i want to thank the committee for considering this item today and for elimination considering the amendments we have a futile people with comments. >> thank you, mr. powers. >> supervisor yee. >> i was looking at through it and thinking which department and how would they actually escalate or monitor this agency precumbersome. >> an easy way to do this.
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>> the way it works for the board of supervisors to pass the amendments establishing the prevailing wage for the type of work this is what is before you today should the board pass this measure or have in prevailing wage requirements the next step the office of labor & standards enforcement works with the civil service to do a survey to establish the types of work in san francisco they come up with a number a dollar amount that dollars amount comes back to the board of supervisors and gets supposed to be between one and 20 days or 4 months the board to approve that rate so that is what this legislation does what every other piece of legislation does as well. >> i guess i understand that piece of it and maybe this could
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be the answer could be saved for next week if you don't have an answer once that's established and then the city vendor that works for the city drives some stuff in how does one know when to trigger the prevailing wage for them and when do you come to ours and monitor that? >> i see so i apologize for this introduce. >> i don't want- it's one of the questions i'm curious will come, answered next week this ordinance requires every permitted 24 the city issues has language specifically if you do xyz in this case loading and unloading for the types of event for the coverage you're required to pay the prevailing wage for this work and so long as our paying as a permit i didn't and
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paying that dollar amount established by the board if you - basically, that's essentially you have the option to work with union labor would be prevailing wage or you could hire non-union as long as our paying that but the primary has the instructions how to what the rate will be or required to pay the rate the loading and unloading it is concise for the driving question we've been talking with o lc the thought around how to establish a rate for driving politically happens through legislation. >> and i'm happy to come back with 0 more information next week. >> that's appreciated.
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>> with that, mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item one please. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee. on page 4 of our report we state that although the proposed ordinance can increase the wages for that special events on city property unknown as to whether or not those increased costs show a special events will reduce the special events on city property and consecutively reduce the franchise we consider this a matter to the board of supervisors. >> colleagues, any questions moving on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number one. >> please come forward everyone has two minutes. >> thank you. good morning. i'm joseph a secretary treasurer of local 2785 in san francisco i want to
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kind of give a brief history how to all start i was appointed secretary of treasury in 2012 and driving to the city and. >> classic party rentals holding out chairs in front of the city hall and are normally we do a lot of that work and so i pulled over and asked the employees how much they were getting paid and i was surprised and shocked to hear how far blow they were compared to what the teamsters get paid to do the similar work in a city it is known to be in favor of labor and the high cost of living in the city he was taken back but how much they were getting paid another story that i want to
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stare share with the committee an event on pier 27 that port was dedicated to the union leader and we we're not getting work out of public school pier we went into that pier and found yet another company who was paying their employees substantially below the prevailing wage we're proposing this to the one of the things there was not an ordinance for loading and unloading there was an ordinance for the electricals work an ordinance for setting up all the different booths for the trade show but not an ordinance for loading and unloading that's what started three and four on that a little bit over a.m. a year ago that's why i'm here today thank you very much.
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>> next speaker, please. >> good morning, committee members i'm with the teamsters we've spent the last year and a half working on this piece of legislation just to address supervisor yee some of your comments we're not recreating the wheel we actually tied this to mirror what the integral association technical and stage engineers have done those special events will be the same special events they're paid prevailing wage it covers different he it materials and has a slightly different focuses we met that multiple agencies san francisco go rec and park and sfmta, ocii anywhere in the city it will have a special event associated with that a permit associated with it we sat down sat down to talk about this
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through the items of these supervisor wiener's office we've had lots of conversations that with anyone that is impacted and the promoters and come to a protected consensus this is the least amount of impact and has a positive impact on workers, wages and working health conditions in terms of work that is being done thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors my name is bill i'm a business representative for the teamsters locals 2785 in addition to the stagehands another local that has a prevailing wage that we work with hand in hand with and in addition to the wages that we offer we offer general benefit
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package for retirement and medical for our members and thank you for supporting this and it is a going to level the playing field for the teamsters and another labor unions get and the teamsters are cut out and we want to emphasize the safety aspect we have a training trust fund how to loading and unloading trucks and train them on the operation of all support of forklifts all sizes in those special events thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm tefrns with a business agent with local i'll be brief i think this is a good measure it level the playing field for everyone who is expensive to live in san francisco and a good quality wage is essential to have a good
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quality lifestyle thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm terry born and raised san francisco i worked here in san francisco for 3 two years and we are in support of 24 measure it has to do with with the levels the playing field you have companies it come into san francisco and pay half of what the union contracts do they may get the bid based on that you have people you don't know what the training is and if they know the issues and know how to do the work and people sitting in the hiring hall ready to go out there and go do the job about levels the playing field i live in district 7 been born and raised here and we need the last few years
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the board of supervisors has been very pro-active in bringing wages up whenever they poeblt can that's all this does this means that employers have to come in and pay a certain rate agreed upon rate so it is equal thanks. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> morning supervisors business rep with teamsters local 2785 here to support this ordinance we believe this ordinance will create a level the playing field when it comes to wages at that time when it is bernie madoff more difficult to remain living in the city we firmly believe that creating fair living wages will help folks to remain living in the great city thank you. >> thanks very much anyone wish to comment on item number
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one seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor yee. >> i see pat is here is it possible to ask him questions. >> sure. >> my line of question was to be supportive of this don't get me wrong part of it what i looked at the as well, people will be supportive of this can we enforce this the thing that triggers the driving part of it you know how do we will your office enforce it we make sure that those companies that are doing this actually going to pay those people thank you, supervisor the prevailing wage a team within the law enforcement focuses on those policies specifically most prevailing wage are established though the industrial residents those san
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francisco almost we need san francisco to establish prevailing wages that were specifically to special events and private entities doing contract work or engaging in a manner that includes the list through a legislative digest for the enforcement our office has the benefit of leveraging the city contractors so if there is a violation we vend those special events so is not terribly different from superbowl and other events associated with superbowl there are prevailing wages and america's cup requirements it is more difficult like the non-restricted prevailing wages we'll pursue employers and interview employees onsite to insure they're receiving the prevailing rate or no sort of
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labor violations under san francisco law frequently it is complaint driven not a certified presidential but actively respond to complaint with information out there the city vendor as the speakers noted this is - this prevailing wage will pass will go into contract documents for any special events any say group or event promoterer knows those rates apply subcontractors and the subcontractors will work with the office to insure that. >> thank you for that explanation. >> colleagues questions or comments so we have a number of amendments into supervisor wiener office we'll have to continue this they are substantive can i entertain a
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motion to anticipate accept. >> motion by sdmaun and seconded by can we take that without objection? and continue item number one for the next budget & finance committee meeting >> as amended nor one week. >> motion by supervisor tang without objection. >> with that mr. clerk item 2. >> retrofitting arthur's the city attorney to accept and expend at 13 thousand for a term of april 2020 through 2018. >> thank you we have the district attorney's office office. >> thank you from the district attorney's office we like to ask, ask for your support for the 13 thousand standford university is offering the criminal justice and analyzing the sets to the droofz any
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enhance its case of processing and help to make the transparency and accountability to community members happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. okay thank you very much colleagues, any questions. >> okay open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> so move it out with a positive recommendation. >> mothsz by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor tang. >> item 3. >> resolution authorizing the financing to be undertaken by the office of the small business commission plaza and parking corporation on the on behalf of not to exceed $12.5 million and approving the authorization of the execution of documents remarkably necessary for such financing. >> okay. thank you we video kate from rec and park here. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm kate with rec and park and i'm here this morning to ask for your approval of a 12 and a
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half mental illness loan for the pretty much of the plaza corporation to fund much needed improvements to the parking garage as you may know poshth is owned and the net revenue for the departments jean fund budget rec and park received one $.12 million for the parking garage last year in 2011 a new approved lease with the nonprofit for the parking corporations for management and operation of the garage the lease anticipated that p t pc with approvals from the city will renovate the parking garage to address the maintenance and portsmouth opened no 1961 and not received any significant improvements or renovation in the last 55 years this proposed project includes relocation of
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staff areas improvements to pedestrian circulation, lighting mechanical and lighting and plaguing you got and repairs to concrete upgrading a fire system and a new revenue system and elevators to fined this that concludes my report. corporation has secured a loan up to 12 and a half million dollars from first republic bank the city sorry for the lease between the city and corporation the board of supervisors must approve the financing including the loan and a revenue commitment from the letter from the city under the irs the city must approve the corporation and approve revised articles and correspondence of bylaws the loan from first republic has a thirty year term with a 3.3
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interest rate the loan is structured as interest only during construction and converts to think amortized loan amazing thirty years in the closing date under the terms of the loan the city provides a commitment letter to first republic pledging the garage there will be a revenue producing event and the gross revenue will first pay that service the letter also stipulates that subject to appropriation by the mayor and the board the city will cover the garage debt service should the garage not function under some type of disaster or earthquake or something like that annual debt service is steshlgd 6 hundred thoughts a cash naturals in your packet and
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attached to the budget analyst report demonstrates the garage funded annual operating expenses fund a one million loan pay that service and confronting meet the deck radio of 5.2 to one the rec and park department has approved both the concept design as well as the proposed fifrnsz for this project i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> colleagues any questions. >> supervisor tang. >> i can't wait for the improvements to that concludes my report. parking garage given i go there often i was want to know if rec and park has a master plan in terms of all of its parking garages it might lease out or just in general long term plan for those improvements or kind of comes up one by one. >> so represent reply r rec and park owns 4 parking garages
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that concludes my report. it has struck out on its own inform with the particular financing package the other 3 garages are under the purview of the mta they have a plan for sxaments to garcia including rec and park garages and have approved revenue bonds to do the work that needs to be done in the garages. >> i think it was mentioned potentially in the budget analyst report that even though sfmta has the ability to issue revenue bonds this particular private plan was more attractive. >> it is a better deal yeah. >> okay supervisor yee. >> quick comment i'm glad this is happening i remember prior to 1961 when it wasn't a garage
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only a part of grass as a kid we love to roll on the thing and so experienced to this garage as a kid. >> okay thanks mr. rose, can we go to your report. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 8 of our report we note that the annual debt service is estimated at $684,000 or total debt service $20 million plus including the privilege of 12.5 mental illness and interest we also note that the based on an attachment on page 10 of our report provided by rec and park cash flee analysis projects the annual income are during the
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first 10 years of a thirty year are from a low even if approximately $4 million plus in 2018 to a hyphae report on the bottom of page 8 not result in a liability to the city's general fund we recommend you approve this. >> thank you, mr. rose anyone wish to comment on item number item 3? >> morning supervisors i'm terry lee i'm president of the plaza corporation board of directors and worked in the community i've been around as long as supervisor yee and also have been on the board a long time it was great that katie mentioned that the board of
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directors sought out the financing and did the renovation it goes back to 1950s and the supporting plaza was formed by members of the community they fined financing with security pacific bank and hired the engineers and architects to design the garage with the opposition from the city there are two things that were left out of the benefits would be number one is we'll finally have a gate that closes the garage go since 1960 the garage is constantly open 24/7 because we have no gate to close the front of the garage and the other item there are hidden areas behind the walls and can open up and add 16 or 17 add parking spaces for the garage
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you know, we have valet parking 7 days a week between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. that allows us to reach over 100 percent capacity in the garage and maximize the return for not only rec and park department but for the entire city thank you for considering this and la jolla hard working in the community for to put that together. >> anyone wish to comment on item number item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. i'll make a motion to send forth i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> >> okay motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee without objection. >> item 4. >> resolution approving and authorizing the acquisition of one temporary easement and one permanent easements for the t f e approximately 23 thousand to
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be used by the city under the water system improvement progress for r program for the modification for the section is maintenance repair and replacement through the the scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs for the project known as the ground water storage and project. >> thank you very much. >> good morning chair farrell and members of the budget & finance committee i'm bryan manager for the sfpuc and seeking our approval to purchase two easements for the sfpuc go regional ground water storage one thousand plus briefly the project has 6 ground water location for used during dry weather years in normal years the wells will be allowed to be recharged and the sfpuc will
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provide hetch hetchy waters those wells connect to san bruno this is the last major project in the water system improvement program the project requires two easements of tear construction easements and sub surface along the backside that is owned by l f p the acquisition is environment for the project i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you for your consideration. >> thank you colleagues in any sequesters. >> no budget analyst report anyone wish to comment on item number seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we >> i mansion a i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor yee and seconded by commissioner tang without objection madam clerk call item number 5. >> resolution approving the
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frifkt for the including of the contract approximately 15 mental illness plus over the october 1st, 2018, and okay. thank you very much supervisors good morning steve lee with sfmta the resolution before you is requesting the proposal to sxers the last option of the our agreement with p r o it for a progressing and there not to exceed amount to cover this extension the sfmta released a request for proposal in july for a new vendors selection the proposal will be reviewed in november 2014 and we and anticipate the new vendor in place in 2017 the current agreement losses allows for the staffing tore terminate the agreement or extension for convenience we concur with the
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budget analyst to amend not to exceed amount of $62.7 million and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay colleagues questions or comments? okay commissioner tang >> thank you so i just wanted to get into a little bit of the details what was entailed in the rfp i know that there was a consultant that conducted some research on industry practices and if you could elaborate on some of those it is worthy he mevengs incorporating additional practices or technology into our future contract. >> so the current system has been in place since 1998 almost 20 years now through the process of the survey by consultants and resources found there is very little standardstion throughout the industry and some of the
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things in terms of best practices a more flexible system to generate reports and more stable system so the system didn't crash or cause us problems for the shareholders within the agencies a more intuitive user interface easier to use and a system that is able to integrate with the contracts and pro contracts and just a better system. >> i know there was also mentioned you know being able to better use the smart phone tablets or other devices and so forth and, of course, this contract you said that you're hoping for the new vendor in place in 2017 gives us time from my understanding if there is a vendor to transition into and incorporate.
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>> if a new vendor is selected a new system a lot of training and during the negotiation process we'll run a system to make sure their system works and taking a section of the city and running life certifications and looking at a process for enforcement that can be tablets so we are looking that. >> uh-huh. and lastly given the changes that your incorporating to hopefully help the new contract what would you say the everyday impact; right? so, i mean i know that people don't like receiving certifications iowa radio the real impact. >> for the agency it is better
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interface because it impacts a variety of our organization starting with customer service center and enforcement and hearings,th accounting so to generate reports better user interface so internally i'll say extraordinarily some of the things we're looking for a realtime citation posted the way it works today parking control officer will dock the device at the end of the day and all the sized are uploaded and notice are generated and fast forward immediately when the citation is issued they can pay it online. >> does that gang the appeals
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as well. >> possibly it may i'm not sure about that. >> all right. thank you. >> supervisor yee. >> okay mr. rose, can we go to your report. yesdz on page 17 summarized in table 3 i should say page 16 and summarizing table 3 on that page the sfmta projections expending the total of 76 mental illness plus through october 21st of 2018, however, the proposed resolution requests the extension not to exceed $77 million plus so as shown in table 3 the resolution should be amended to reduce the total not to exceed amount to that 7677 plus we state that think page 17 our recommendation to amend we
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recommend you amend the proposed to reduce the not to exceed agreement by one million dollars plus from $77 million plus to $76 million plus this amendment will authors the request of the fifth amendment by two years from in love first 2016 through october 21st, 2018, and increase the agreement 20e89 not to exceed amount by $14 million plus from $62 million plus to a total not to exceed amount of $76 million plus and we recommend you, you approve as recommended. >> okay. thank you very much mr. richie colleagues questions or comments moving on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 4 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. i'll that make a motion to accept the amendments
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recommended by the analyst and amended and i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> okay motion by supervisor tang and can we take that without objection? >> item 6 through 8 together and item 6 resolution providing for the issuance of not to exceed $310 million aggregation for principle amounts to the tax exempt go bond and number 7 authorizing not to exceed $77 million aggregate principle amount of the city and county of san francisco principle go bond series 2016 f and item 8 appropriation of $77 million for the go bond 20166 mayor's office of housing and community development and saving those funds on the pending sales of the bones. >> we have kate hartley who is in the chafrmgz as often as we are. >> good morning.
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>> good morning, supervisors we're happy to be here to seek your approval for the issuance of first trench of the 2015 go bond housing bonds the amount is 77 million for the first trench we'll be spending $75 million on actual housing brick-and-mortar the new construction or is purchasing of housing and reservoirs and issuance costs included in the 77 million as you recall we created 4 categories for the $310 million total housing bond when was passed by the voter in november we got public housing investment and locating housing and investment as well as a special category for investment in the mission neighborhood and middle-class housing as well we identified mr. starr needs we wanted to address with this
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money and that is to reserve some of the most vulnerable resident in san francisco and then we identified the uses of those funds for the low income category as well as the mission neighborhood category and seek to build new construction and we will be doing so soon i hope we issued a request for a proposal and are ready to announce the project that can move forward in addition in this category we have additional funning for our small program that is a acquisition of rent-controlled properties to preserve the affordability in the units and stop the ada control we will be jump staring the reasons work on potrero two projects that are in desperate need and out there for 8 years we're excited to be
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breaking ground on those projects this year and finally middle-income housing didn't have stated or federal loan we have a loan program to expand our next door program and provide new opportunities for middle-income units across the city and with the next door program that will be used in conjunction with our expanded down payment program and other programs we're working with the san francisco unified to help teachers get into affordable housing and just wanted to note that housing generally obligation bonds are different unlike an infrastructure project the city contracts, directly with the contractor we get loans to contractor who leverage those
5:49 am
funds to get additional state and federal funding the construction work is actually procured by the developers you're going our loans pursuant to the city's procurement rules we follow we have in your packages the use of funds for the $310 million in the categories i'm concerned talked about and well on our way we issued a request for proposals for the next. >> sorry ms. kately for the power point presentation do you have copies. >> i have a hardcopy. >> sorry we'll follow along on this. >> sorry about that so we issued a request for proposals for construction of new units on april 20th we've golden got the responses on
5:50 am
july 11th and will be announcing the selected development teams shortly had nor responses than money to fund it but all the responses are great and the proposed uses were spread across the city for seniors, homeless households and protecting households included great community benefits we are excited again moving forward on those with respect to public housing we'll have our first great britain on a public housing replacement site at the potrero this year and second to none daily will follow next year for tax credits in march those funds will allow to happen and create the city development work for subsequent phase and finally we've expanded our downtown assistance program to reach for
5:51 am
households as well as is refund our kitchen next door program we're happy to say the first expansion the family that used the loan program was petri so it is great they're very excited about the site and we'll also be putting that middle-income money into the production of new units the first site of that is our seawall project on 88 broadway that will have 15 percent of the family units slated up to one and 20 percent of area income oh, in addition certainly we'll be you're going in the next issuance will be voting money for the production of teacher housing going if the tax accurate medium
5:52 am
area income and working with the school district on that so we will have a bond sale assuming your approval at boards approval in october and post the bonds in november and the parties will get going in fact, we've already for the down payment loan assistance program we've started the program and video a reimbursement program for pay back and back before you many times on all the projects as you may know we do extensive outreach a loan committee that approves our loans for the public and also report, of course, to the go bond oversight committee so a lot of accountability so i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> oh, commissioner keane. >> this is so exciting to see
5:53 am
something on the ballot and we're about to issue bonds and appropriate the funding for that much needed housing 90 in san francisco one of the things we've obviously heard a lot about how we help our teachers stay in san francisco so i know that again, you have the teacher next door program i wonder if you can can you talk about that how your work with mohcd and sfmta how you're working together to support the teachers living in san francisco. >> great as you said a lot of work towards teacher housing in the last couple of years and many years before that there were in the past some obstacles and two main obstacles one was fair housing if you used federal or state funds it is hard to
5:54 am
restrict housing to a certain occupation and the other it funding as i understand we're able to leverage your money with tax credits but householders above the ami medium area income for us to pay the cost of construction is really, really expensive a couple of things happened in the last year one there is legislation pending on the governor's desk we firmly believe that will be signed shortly that allows skrukts to use their surplus go improvements for surplus housing and identifies the teacher housing as a state priority and a special state program that opposite side much the door for us to use the low income tax
5:55 am
credits a lot of the issues will go away and with those bond funds we can pay that extra increment for the protecting housing more money available working with the unified school district they have surplus sites around the city and ready to fund the gap with mohcd with ios funds and other funds we have and so we hope to get hundred units of affordable housing online in the next couple of years and get started soon so we want to replicate that modeled and through other measures whether working with dispensaries with inclusionary obligations and mixed income
5:56 am
opportunities we can keep that going. >> those are great in terms of the state law that will be signed been little governor is that only for teachers or apply to other you know paraprofessionals. >> we specifically put - you know we worked on that legislation to make sure we can service paraprofessional employees of the unified school district as well because the income ranges include people that are having incomes below 60 and 50 percent of medium area income that makes them eligible for tax credits and other higher paid employees for teacher that don't qualify for tax credits. >> thank you, again, for thank you for all your hard work we'll
5:57 am
continue to have more detailed conversations with our department on all the projects in the cue and thank you for all you do and trying to find creative solutions to serve people from all walks of life and incomes. >> supervisor yee and in regards to the extended definition of educators one thing that gets left out in the discussion are people that work in the education field within the school district i don't know if that was included in the language. >> we've thought to include the board itself range of income levels we could and see as we work with the school district we will be refining the, eligibility requirements so any
5:58 am
school district employee should be eligible for this housing but that's you know we have to get the governor's signature and move forward those are again, we sought to reach the broadest number of educators that we could. >> thank you. >> okay colleagues, any further questions mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item. >> my colleagues will be geneva a presentation. >> sorry about that. >> i'll invite from the controller's office to briefly go through the details of the financing as ms. hartley said this is the first sale from the november 2015 authorization the
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voters thooshsz up to $310 million in go bond to fund capital improvement for vulnerable populations and this for sale is not to exceed $77 million before yours two resolutions arthur's the issuance of up to $310 million the bonds for this program approving the first sale up to $77 million as well as the closure documents and authorizing the controls to update the documents as necessary to include the latest financial information to the city and sdabd it to the public for bonds and also before you a appropriation for the bond fund with the project line items and oversight as well as the reserve for market fluctuations between now and the sale
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the cumulative tax rate for the bonds is based on our sale projections and an annual debt services of $5.5 million is estimated to be approximately $2.66 for one homicide dollars based on the last certificate this is an impact of $15 plus for the $600,000 home the city maintains a go bonds to maintain the tax rated at or below the 2006 levels i can guarantee this meets the projected tax rates this will stay below the 2006 rate we have a debt limit on the go bond and the rates the
6:01 am
current debt radio by 0.9 to 99 percent that is below the rate if you have any more questions i'll be i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> colleagues any questions. >> okay mr. rose. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee the controller's office has just presented all of the pertinent information on pages 22 and 23 of our report i have nothing else to add and recommend that you approve the proposed resolutions and ordinance. >> thank you, mr. rose. >> colleagues, any further questions for the staff or budget analyst and move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number items 6, 7 or 8 all right. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> just wanted to make sure
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supervisor yee and will be 3 items 6, 7 and 8 i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> >> okay. a motion by sdpooe and seconded by supervisor tang without objection madam clerk call item 9. >> item 9 resolution authorizing the ordinance sale and delivery of multi family revenue bonds not to exceed $52 million plus for the ferns of the construction of a one 43 multi family residential known as mission bay boulevard north and we have the mayor's office of housing and community development to speak on this item. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm pamela a development specialist in the mayor's office of housing and community development and this authorized the ordinance of bonds to pay for the relation of mission bay
6:03 am
boulevard as long as this is the sponsor and will serve as owner and wells fargo will serve as a limited partner and tax craigslist investor and the lenders and bond purchaser when completed mission bay south block 58 will be a hundred and 48 unite of single-family homes with 53 one bedroom 46 two bedrooms and three bedrooms one will be a managers units and articulated to have folks aribnb 61 thousand for a family of 4 and also there will be 29 units aside for the chronologically homeless families mission bay is within of the 3 former redevelopment areas to move forward by the states finance department this is conduit financing not
6:04 am
requiring the city's responsibility but were issuing the bond in the next few weeks and construction we set mid 2018 and here with me is sponsor represent in tndc and presenting our support and look forward to the grand opposite any questions. >> colleagues questions or comments? >> okay. seeing none anyone wish to comment on item number item number 9 public comment is closed. >> okay i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee without objection madam clerk call item number ten and resolution authorizing the lease of approximately 17 thousand square feet at the 1360 mission street with mission street for a 4-year term through
6:05 am
2017 with one year option to extend for a total basis most of $760,000 thank you very much. we have our day and night here. >> good morning chair farrell supervisor tang and supervisor yee. >> my name is a robert watching the acting operations director for the human services agency and here with any colleagues on the draelt that is authorizing a new lease with hfa and others that manage the property on mission that lease is for two floors of that property the for the first floor the second floor will be utilized by the department of homeless in support of housing and the first floor by hfa the primary purpose of this lease
6:06 am
space is to provide a swing space so we can renovate our existing building to increase the cable and efficiency for the current staff rather than leasing new space to accommodate the staff the lease is for 4 years and one year extension for a fifth year i'm available to answer any questions. >> colleagues questions or comments. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report. for item 10. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee. on page 29 the estimated total over the 4 years one option year is $3 million plus and that is shown in table 2 both the hfa and the department of homelessness have constituent did rent in their 2016-2017
6:07 am
budgets we recommend you amend the appropriately resolution on lines 21 and to quote commencing on 2018 you approve it as recommend hundred. >> mr. rose any questions for the budget analyst. >> okay move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 10? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have an amendment recommended by the budget analyst can i have a motion to take that amendment and port it with a positive recommendation and forward >> all right. to amend and make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor norman yee without objection item 11 and for the administrative code toe establish the san francisco city college enforcement fee
6:08 am
assistance fund. >> thank you very much. >> anybody so speak on this item oh. >> timing supervisor kim and this item is sponsored by supervisor kim. >> thank you chair farrell i appreciate it. >> colleagues first of all, i want to thank this board. their support of free city college known as proposition w for the win your transfer tax the funding for this city college enrollment fee assistance fund we're sales tax today successfully a place this measure on the november broolt that will raise $44 million
6:09 am
every year in my transfer tax revenue to fund vital services all over the place making city college a reality we'll make san francisco the first city in the nation to make city college free regardless of age or gpa rerequisites the fund this will establish will serve as the financing vessel for the revenue to make city college free we've included the language to insure a reserve over time to guarantee the students and colleges a level we know there are some years we'll bring in more than the projected $44 million and years we will bring in less there is also a provision for an oversight of this fund to insure that the city dollars are spent in a responsible manner that shapes opening up the doors and a lifetime of learning including
6:10 am
employees of city college, ucsf and the city and county of san francisco and want to thank a wide range of people that have working hard in partnership with our office to make that initiative a reality first of all, of course, i want to thank chancellor and her staff working closely with our office and fourth the metabolism and the administrative was the s f p who approached us with the san francisco labor council as one of the ways to help spend down our luxury reality tax initiative we initially introduced in december of 2015 and a alyssa the political director along with the president who have been in our
6:11 am
office almost every single day and the cyber city college board of trustees that unanimously supported in measure and want to recognize our controller's office in particular ben rosenfeld, and other cities for all of their work throughout the year on this tom owen your deputy city attorney and the dcyf i have copies for the budget and finance committee we have the series of amendments we'll be introducing one is just clarification language on the appointments authority for the oversight committee position we wanted to clarify that any city college representative small business appointed by the board of trustees with the exemption of the family and the faculty member will be appointed by the academic senate and associated
6:12 am
by the elected governing bodies for the student body that begins on page 3 line 11 and specific they'll, appointed by the board of trustees and 0 that language it before the committee and second i'm adding language that makes clear this fund will be contingent on new revenue through the reality transfer tax and so that we are adding in subsection four and subsection 10.00 shall become operated active not operative should be operative on the dully actively resolution for the expenditure of a gift of the funds and finally an amendment that allows us to allocate up to commissioner kwon percent of the
6:13 am
ceiling of the programs total costs of approximately $12 million to the medic coasts associated with that type of program that will be limited to direct administrative costs and programming costs for the online enforcement system the banner and the hiring of financial aid council to make sure the students are assessing all in their state and financial aid they might be eligible to colleagues, i want to thank you for your time and consideration and also wanted to thank commissioner tang for providing feedback to us before the hearing to clarify how the funds which funds - how we'll disperse the did you understand i funds into this account so i want to open up for any skewing
6:14 am
>> supervisor tang. >> one minute to clarify you mentioned the ceiling he thought i heard one percent but in the amendment 72 hours two percent i wanted to clarify. >> i could have heard wrong. >> a maximum of 2 percent if we wrote that wrong we'll change that. >> just put in the record that's a typo on our office the maximum of 1 percent for administrative fees. >> supervisor yee. >> i want studio thank you, supervisor kim for bringing up this issue and something this is an important thing going through the city college system i was
6:15 am
younger and at the time that was free and looking at possible people to attend college class to be able to afford to go do cal kwuven eventually a lot of students have to decide whether to go to college depending on the tuition fees they'll have to repay and some people can't afford it for some people making minimum wages and trying to support in their families it is difficult this is basically even up the playing field for everyone in san francisco to actually try to achieve their college career so thank you very much and i believe i asked to be a co-sponsor of this. >> yes. and you can add
6:16 am
supervisor yee for a co-sponsors thank you for your strong support and also i mentioned in the past and want to reiterate we have students that qualify under the bos waiver so we added an additional one thousand scholarship for students who qualify for free city college today from the researchers at the 2121 did and other states they have tested free tuition question learned that students doesn't enroll in city college because books are now more expensive so the one thousand dollars scholarship will be available for eligible students that qualify for the bossing waiver if they're a full-time college student and the way to administer that there a count in
6:17 am
the book store and tablets that's what we've been working on today to insure that books and transportation are not a barrier to attending city college in san francisco and finally i know that our office will continue to work with supervisor yee on an important issue childcare for the students that are enrolled in city college and/78 this is a big passion for supervisor yee and his office is working with us and we want you're working mothers and father and guardian to attend city college as well in the childcare not a barrier to a higher education. >> chair farrell that is it for me and okay. colleagues any questions or comments at this time? okay. i know supervisor kim has all the speakers we'll open up
6:18 am
for public comment and supervisor kim can run the show >> i don't see the speakers but i'll call the first 10 speakers and i have trustee from city college of san francisco. (calling names) >> supervisors tim i'm the schd of the san francisco labor council and i want to thank you for taking this up today probably nothing that is galvanizing san franciscans not
6:19 am
the regular communities faith community than saving city college an ongoing campaign this is just another piece to revitalize our program so the san francisco case is the most important unifying issue of the many things going to be on the ballot that is about the size of this entire room this november we've all going to be working on that is the proves tax that is on the ballot and we're also very ankle and are looking forward to having this resolution by the oversight committee to put this funding together with a free tuition for the workers and move forward so on behalf of the one and 50 folks i'll urging you to move item 11 to the full board
6:20 am
thank you. >> thank you, mr. paulson and thank you for all your hard work on this initiative. >> hi there i'm the vice president of the board of trustees of city college thank you very much for taking this up today a huge huge deal for city college we have had two main issues that we have challenges we've been faced with in the last 4 years a presentation we're working hard to continue to maintain and february of next year we'll find whether or not we've gotten our accreditation and because of blaemgs crisis as you may know our enrollment as dropped with that drop in enrollment then continues to circle and financial difficulties one thing that w for win we said earlier
6:21 am
will do that will - we hope that that will encourage people that have the tiny reason not to go to city college cancer city college again, we hope w will do other than kufrj those who not going to school because not able to do it because of the cost of books or the cost of education itself i'll say 70 percent supervisor kim is correct 70 percent of our students to quality for the bond waiver for this then help them with their books that's fair market value that will hoping help people to come to city college i want to thank supervisor kim for the changes the amendments and clarifications up to the board of trustees we're very exciting about working on a memorandum of
6:22 am
understanding to make sure that we transition and do this as we like to thank you very much. >> thank you trustee fewer strong support. >> hi, i'm jenny the vice president of the a f t 2121 an english structuring instructor at city college i am here to speak for my students my student who is a mother and works full-time comes to any classes 2 nights a week if her childcare falls through those kids come to class that student doesn't needs another barrier i'm here to speak for my students that spent 18 years in prison and was combroorld writing and 20 page
6:23 am
research participant or paper that student didn't need another barrier to get through education i'll speak for my two students that went to go afghan and makes it to class every night that student doesn't need another barrier give those students assess thank you. >> president 2121 thank you to supervisor kim for all the work on the proposal moving forward i want to thank alyssa who is reilly spearheading a lot of the research getting this together to make that day happen there is a movement happening across the
6:24 am
country for free communications from president obama speaking to it central in the bernie sanders campaign and in the assess in the hillary clinton campaign as well all across the country there are localities kentucky and oregon and others localities have put forward different proposals for a free community college community college is free in california before 1984 we need to make that happen through the all of california in san francisco this proposal has i think this is a key thing we have access for all people i think that is really, really critical we also having here excuse me - health for low income students to pay for both books and access for college is there for
6:25 am
everyone all other localities around the country they are restrictions i want to put that forward this represents the best in san francisco values he putting forward a proposal that will be helping everyone and has the widest assess possible thank you very much. >> hi, i'm jessica i'm the secretary of a f t 2121 and an instructor at the city college of san francisco in the esl department so i work with in the immigrant students but what i'd like to add to the conversation right now is my experience walking predictables knocking on doors i was on 5 street and
6:26 am
around mission people are not super excited about hearing their carrier bells ring people's faces lit up and excited to hear about the proposal that is really positive it is progressive, that is something we can really do in the city to level the playing field and i want to put that out there the voters really port this and it is something really positive for city college of san francisco after many years of crisis and struggle so i urge you to move forward with creating the fund to accept this money thanks so much. >> thank you and thank you to you all the members of 2021 for
6:27 am
being here. >> hi naemz a claire i'm with add production a loophole arts production we do arts engagement with residents youth and adults of supportive of housing in the central city region and our art making we talk about the concerns and the challenges that people face in their everyday lives we start talking about free city college prospering w we hear about poems dreams and what we not to side with their lives for the people we work with working towards the pathway of self-sufficiency that depends on access to education we want to express our support for free city college. >> thank you. >> supervisors i'm connie one of the vice president of the labor council i want to say 3
6:28 am
things personally this idea that is being nurtured is one of the best ideas i can think of it saved any life when it was free and take the labor classes in the early 80s left me where i am and saved any sons life who dropped occult of high school and went to john adams and now the father of my beautiful grandchild politically the labor movement is not united this is where i can say the xarpgs and the teachers, the movie theatre people everybody agrees with the fact we need to make that free and lastly i want to say reverend brown townsend said on
6:29 am
the steps that free city college means a promise means we as a society are pro tem we believe in the future we believe in working with our folks that need support and giving it to them we agree that education is within way to break that citibuild of poverty and distrusted in society anticipate doing a free city college with all of us on the map saying we promise to be there for everybody in the city thank you. >> thank you, ms. ford. >> hello supervisors i'm tom actually a city college student i own a successful small business and still this initiative with the costs and the most expensive city in america makes it easier for me to take the conversational spanish crazy to communicate with folks in any it neighborhood i'm concerned had the honor of running on the
6:30 am
board of trustees and every neighborhood in san francisco talking with folks on the street the reality there is a real crisis of confidence and misinformation about what is happening at the city college i'll sit there in classrooms with high school students should be enrolled that are are making the choice to enroll in colleges miles away i'll be a block away from the neighborhood supervises and have people say didn't the college close we're in the shadows of city college at this point and to me no more powerful statement we can make to the people of san francisco about the health of city college and the necessity of city college and pga 24 initiative and removing any barriers to financial barriers to assess for students at college it is a strong statement and important step in
6:31 am
rebuilding little relationship between san francisco and city college you know, i think there is an opportunity for this body and this city to do what we do best and lead really the country on that important initiative we can take an important stand so say saddling students is no good with debt so thank you very much for your support. >> before we have other cities come up i want to call the last speaker cards
6:32 am
(calling names) hi, i'm representing jaws of justice i became involved in serving on a braid and one of my sons attends city college in my heart city college is the most important multi racial working class institution in san francisco it gives us our students hope to be able to transfer the usf to other colleges to be prepared for quality jobs but given the lack of economic justice in the city the youth and families are having a hard time and college tuition is another harding park blood cell do the right thing today and create a special fund to give our youth a future they
6:33 am
deserve thank you. >> thank you >> good morning, supervisors and thank you for your attention i'm an. >> junction instructor for the community housing partnership is over enjoyed 24 conversation is happening we have conversation with our attendants about in their future and this energize people's imagine like nothing else this is one thought he easiest things to organize around in our history once in a while san francisco is so beautiful once in a while there are moments like the fair chance ordinance or to raise the minimum wage san francisco sgetsdz it right and center and puts forward ideas that benefit many, many thousand of san franciscans to make that a
6:34 am
fantastic place to be thank you to jane kim and everyone that supported this we've done the financial homework it is reflected in this i think the amendments permitted by supervisor tang and others are reasonable let's move forward and win this and really help people get the resources they can dream about where we want to be in a few years because the sky is the limits our folks have the talent and passion now they need the resources. >> thank you, mr. tracey. >> thank you, supervisors arnold reverend brown arnold townsend there are a lot of things on the ballot this year and when you look at it and this election season a lot of them them more exciting and they'll be a lot of them having more
6:35 am
money and uglyness but i don't think there is anything on the ballot more important than this initiative here because what no one is talking about that when you start to increase fees at city college at the community college what is happening the educational system is becoming a partner in the hash gentrification that is and has happened in this city is he it only increases because it few weeks can't go to school here anymore so we must keep city college free please, please continue to support that effort and doing everything we can to make it so one of the things i have been concerned about is making education more and more elite decreasing the number of
6:36 am
poor people that can get an education in the city and in this nation and then when we make this more expensive your students can't afford to take anything by the core classes to learn a trade and learn skills and get a job when they scant afford to get the classes that teaches them critical innovate to believe every political hat that coming down the pike but people fought against the vietnam war and because of the education they be able to get up until that times thank you. >> thank you reverend brown townsend. >> thank you all i'm moej collins i come from the city a long time ago, i started at the city college went to state got by b.a. and he was working for
6:37 am
the city anyway, i wanted to get into the trades and studied math and engineering so i could get into the transitioned union city college changed my life twice already and then i took 5 foreign languages japan's and illicitly french and spanish and last week to take more so i worked at the financial aid office for 15 years and like to mention many students come from high income families where they are a high expected family contribution and the parents over or earn over one hundred 240udz most of the money goes to rent or mortgage we punish the students for the federal physical i hope you'll keep in mind thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. collins.
6:38 am
>> michael gray panthers we want to talk about the importance for the health sectors i tauted at city college in the evening to the nursing students 7 o'clock the students came in and worked all day in nursing homes low paying health jobs their heads would be on the desk trying to catch sleep but as long as i walked in they were alert and up and fantastic students and they really learned physically i had to have a triple bypass and my students took care of me my wife and son
6:39 am
became nurses at city college i want a san francisco general hospital fixing machines and working with the nurses an incredible portion came from city college this program has to be brought into place in other words, for all students of all backgrounds and races and economic backgrounds can be compassionate health workers thank you. >> good morning. my name is a allen benjamin i'm a member of the labor council representatives office employees for over 29 thank you supervisor kim for her leadership in this very, very important industry i am a parent of a former student at city college i'm a husband of
6:40 am
a teacher she's now moved on to bigger and better things for 29 years a elementary schools teacher at the george gascon and got to know her students and went to the graduations if city college i know the importance of city college to those students who start in the mission and worked their way up that's their hope and aspiration that uncertainty which tom spoke about that confidence has sand that promise that ability for people to say city college is going to be there when i need it and assessable and affordable there's been a movement in the city to save city college city attorney deference playground a huge rule to keep
6:41 am
city college had the private terrors wanted to - we have the ability for the leadership to stand your committee in unison to say we're going to build from the defensive and make this a call to the nation free city college city colleges should be free you have a huge opportunity here to turn things around and give confidence to the students thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is alyssa an instructor at the college and work with 2121 i want to thank supervisor kim for her leadership and all the supervisors for engaging with city college and 24 legislation this is groundbreaking gvrm
6:42 am
legislation in fact, there are several pieces to it we heard from supervisors that it is important it is funded we heard from people about different parts and worked with people how to make that work and strong legislation for our city and for the students and for the college and it is very smart the way it has been set up i think it is good for our economy, it is good for the communities, it is good for the college and it is good for the movement to return communicates and to return all higher education back to students that need it across the country as well as here in san francisco i want to highlight 3 things again, the legislation one is this is really for all san franciscans of all ages, taking all kinds of programs with all sorts of educational
6:43 am
goals for ink in san francisco and an opportunity for all san franciscans also this program supports unlike some programs across the country this program supports the students that are already on financial aid because as you've been heard supervisor kim say there or so many coasts about education not only about tuition and two-thirds that is pubically fund we're not going to marc zuckerberg and bill gates as a city to look at how to fund this education should public education should be pubically funded this is what this program does we're asking you to support this legislation and this fund today thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm jay jay a district 4 residents and city college student studying bio and a member of the solidarity
6:44 am
committee as you may know city college has stored served as an open education for justice and the attack by the ac j.c. has been found to be unlawful and on the way out the accreditation are real and still harming san francisco residents our enrollment has dropped by and third and continues to lose teaches livestock satisfying programs are slashed the downsize hurts because of the economic importance of our school and enrichment provides the safe city college is the heart city college must continue to thrive and serve the community as students warrior overjoyed for making education free i'm concerned good reason working to get out the words there is ongoing concerns can
6:45 am
this happen because of the lack of dedicated fund so knowing our supervisors support free city and understand why this proposal is essential please finish the job and deteriorate a fund for free city college it whether hope people's confidence in prop a w and help the voter turnout so taking the final step to create a fund will show our support and roars our community school please vote yes to support city college and the people of san francisco thank you. >> thank you very much. >> okay anyone wish to comment 11 and seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i'd like to make a motion as outlined by supervisor kim and pass 24 i make a motion to send
6:46 am
it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> >> okay. a motion by supervisor yee and we can seconded by supervisor tang without objection. >> thank you so much colleagues. >> is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> okay are we're adjourned
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
>> good afternoon and welcome to the treasure island mobility management agency committee meeting of wednesday july 20. my name is commissioner jane kim and joined by commissioner david campus. mr. clerk can we call roll. >> item 1, commissioner avalos. absent. commissioner campos. present. commissioner kim. >> here. can we call -- we should excuse commissioner avalos without opposition. thank you commissioner campos. mr. clerk can i move to next items. >> items 233 are on the
6:50 am
consent calendar and if you object and can be considered separately. >> any comments on the consent calendar? seeing none let's open it up for public comment on consent. if you would like to speak on items two and three and seeing none public comment is now close the. can we take a motion on the consent calendar. >> so moved. >> we can do that without opposition. >> commissioner campos. >> aye. >> commissioner kim. >> aye. >> consent calendar is approved. >> mr. clerk can we call the next item. >> item 4 is recommended adoption of the proposed fiscal year 2016-2017 annual budget and work program. this is an action item. >> good afternoon commissioners. cynthia fong director for finance and administration. what i have before you is the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget for the timma against. this year we continue
6:51 am
our work program to advance treasure island implementation plan and advancing the operations agreement and the system and engineering programs. for expenditures in this budget we're looking at a total of approximately 1.1 million. this is an increase of approximately 13% from last year's budget. we were anticipated to spend 28% on personnel and s sfmta staff and wearing timma hat scption we are spending on professional services and consultants in the areas of planning engineering design and communications and environmental services. we are spending 3.8%, the are maintaining of the budget on non personnel costs and operational costs in relation to rent, the
6:52 am
commissioner fees, printing, audit and legal sfees as necessary to run the timma agency. in terms of revenues we will expect to receive approximately $1 million from the tida agency and the remaining difference of $81,000 will be funded with prop k funds through an appropriation previously approved and passed in the previous fiscal year. this item has already gone before the sf mtc a budget and a proorded with the budget on the 28th. staff and i am here to answer any questions that you have on this budget. >> seeing no questions from committee members ms. fong thank you so much and we'll open up for public comment on item number 4. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] . can we take a motion on this item. >> move approval.
6:53 am
>> we have a motion to approve. roll call please. >> you can do the same house, same call if you like. >> okay. great. same house same call. this motion passes. next item please. >> item 5 is recommendation approval of the treasure island mobility management study toll policy recommendations. >> good afternoon arch. i have the recommendations for you today. as you know the transportation planning and support of the redeveloped island goes back to 2006 when the first plan was adopted and the goals and strategies set in that 2006 plan are the ones that under lie the recommendations today. they were readopted in 2011 along with the development agreement and the ceqa document, and then again have been the
6:54 am
support that our agency has provided to tida since then. since 2011 we have been working in support of tida to take will goals and strategies to implementation and designated with the formal role as the agency at that time and the goals and under lie the work include how to minimize and manage taf congestion and traffic impacts with the development. to manage the traffic and mitigate traffic impacts we node to provide an order of magnitude, new options for travel to and off the island and alternatives to driving and the third challenge is how do we pay for the ongoing operating cost and maintenance costs of the significant new transit services, and i would add
6:55 am
another goal that really has been the focus of -- become a lot more prominent based on the outreach and feedback over the year and that is affordability and how do we support housing and affordability for the current and low income and moderate income households on the island? the level of transit is service planned and the recommendations will achieve is really a robust level of transit service and it's the level of service that will make treasure island one of the city's most accessible neighborhoods. at the point of build out there's a muni bus from the island every three and a half minutes and shuttle service and ferry service between downtown san francisco ferry terminal and treasure island every 20 to 30 minutes. it's a great level of transit service that these recommendations will achieve that. there's also a number of
6:56 am
additional amenities that our recommendations will achieve. it's an on island circulator shuttle serving the neighborhoods are treasure island that are free of charge, transit pass which is mandatory for the market rate households to purchase and serve as a travel demand measure but also available to below market rate households and amenities that -- treasure island doesn't have today. there's no car share available on treasure island today. there's no bike share available on treasure island today and those are things that we will be providing through this new transportation system. these are the goals that underlie the plan and walking and biking, high quality transit and a place you could live without a car. that's is difficult to do today. i mentioned some of the
6:57 am
strategies already that will support that and present since the 2006 plan. i want to point out we do have a specific transportation performance measure that we need to meet and 50% -- at least 50% of the trips on and off the island need to be by transit so our recommendations we believe are part of what it takes to meet that performance measure. there's also the strategies for managing traffic. there's the transit services side and there's also the minimizing driving side of things, and to support that there are parking rules so there's a -- the development agreement included a cap on the number of new parking spaces built. there is -- all the parking would be priced and managed according to price and there is the congestion toll that is called for to manage driving and discourage people to drive during off peak times on and off the island and then
6:58 am
something that is unique to treasure island that goes along with this is connecting those services and those discouragements to be a comprehensive package so treasure island would be the recipient of all of the funds connected -- collected from parking from the transit pass purchases and from the tolls. those are through ab 981 dedicated to treasure island and to funding the ongoing operating services. that's something unique to treasure island and the governance structure i would say is unique, this body, the timma, is responsible for over seeing this program as its built out and delivered and for ensuring the performance goals are met that all of the services are provided and that the traffic is managed. we are very grateful to a bunch of people for supporting us in outreach
6:59 am
and linking up with community organizations and businesses so that we can reach people. tidie especially and folks at tida and bob beck and liz are here from tida. we're grateful to those folks here and sherry williams from tie die and we did direct mailings to everyone on treasure island and right now the residents and businesses is small enough we could reach everybody. the theme that we heard far and away the most is affordability and concerns for current residents of affordability so we have three proposals that are designed to address the concerns. the first one is just our basic need to achieve the level of transit service that is called for; that robust level of transit system disproportionality and low and moderate income households and we need to achieve that and
7:00 am
living without a car to actually be a voice, a viable option for the people on the island. number two an approach to supporting affordability for the low and moderate income households. currently on treasure island and those that will move there in the future. 25% at least of those units will be below market rate and this is a program any household eligible for the units can take average of it. it would be a cavtearia plan and a household of benefits and wanted to benefit them regardless of the primary mode of transportation is and why we have array of options there. the first feature in the program is a toll credit program for frequent transit users and this is modeled after a program that exists today in l.a. and atlanta on their toll lanes where they
7:01 am
have this exact type of program and frequent transit users get toll credit for that. in the case of l.a. it's ten trips is a toll and that helps support folks who are able to take transit for the commute but there's a drive trip you need to make over the weekend and whatever it is and not transit accessible and this covers the funding for that. there are other benefits we heard interest in be a car or bike share member. there are membership fees associated with that. and that's something that this program could help subsidize. we heard interest in providing the equivalent of a life line fare on those operators that don't offer that today. muni has a life line option but transit and ferry does not and we could provide that through the program and the financial
7:02 am
projections we're presenting today incorporating the cost of doing all of the things in the hypothetical, the sample program we costed out. the third is in response to concerns we heard from long time residents and by that i mean folks living on the island before the development agreement. the concern is for these folks they moved -- in contrast to future folks so most of the 20,000 or 25,000 people on the island will be there in the future and be receiving information and be aware of what the transportation system and options and requirements are on the island but folks who have been on the island before the development agreement did not make that same choice so what we want to do in recognition of that is provide a limited term round toll equivalent for those households. this is for a household benefit and in
7:03 am
recognition that these folks moved there prior to the development agreement being adopted so the recommendations that we have for you today -- they are what we think it will take to achieve the transportation performance goals of the transit mode share and congestion management and the financial goals to cover the costs of all of the transit and the other benefits that i have mentioned. these first two areas which drivers would pay the toll and in which direction. the first area of which drivers would pay the toll we are recommending a change from the past planning work and it suggested that just residents would be the drivers paying and we actually find that the program will work better and not be able to meet its goals unless any driver during the peak period, during the poll periods
7:04 am
is paying the toll meaning visitors as well as residents. on and off the island the directions of the toll we don't recommend a change from the planning work. discounts and exemptions. i mentioned a couple of the discounts already that we recommend. we recommend the discount of the daily round trips for the long time residents and -- long time households of any income level and also the discount for the frequent transit users as part of the below market rate benefit, the transit affordability program. another one i should mention is a provision that would credit drivers who are coming from the east bay on to the island for what they have just paid at the bay bridge toll plaza so no
7:05 am
paying twice. exemptions include transit but also slutels, van pools, 7a plus passenger vehicles, some of the housing and service providers are the island today operate van pool services for clientses to get to programming on and off island. they're are exempt. we just -- as a side note partnered with tie die and tcdi to fut funding for these programs. in any case they're exempt and when the bicycle pedestrian path touch down is completed bicyclists and pedestrians are exempt also. >> can i ask a question? what about carpools? >> yeah, carpools, we're not recommending a discount or exemption for two, three passenger cal pools. we project there is a very disproportionate share of vehicle trips on and off the island made by two,
7:06 am
three person carpools and for the congestion management purpose as well as -- well, mainly for the congestion management purpose and the 50% mode share. it's something we should monitor as the island develops and as we observe travel patterns and see what the rates are carpool formation are. >> okay thank you. >> what i am showing now are two aspects of the policy we're not recommending or action or adoption of policy today and the reason that we don't is because based on your feedback and feedback of this body, tida board and outreach we need to do more work and this is on the question how much is the toll level and when is it in operation? and the feedback we heard is that we should look
7:07 am
for additional sources of operating funding that can supplement the toll and help make sure that that toll level and hours of operation are minimum as possible to achieve the outcomes that we need. there's the congestion management goal that we need to meet but as long as we're meeting that you know the more we can find other revenue sources to supplement the fees from the parking and the transit pass purchases and transit box recovery and the toll the better so we're going to keep doing that work and we will need to come back. we project right now that the whole system -- we services to start in 2019 so we need to come back to this body about a year before the start of services with policies in this regard, and we will need to work with you during that interim period on this additional work
7:08 am
on the operating funding. this is a snapshot of the financial profile of the program looking at build out year which was at that time of this projected 2030. it might be a couple of years out from that but in any case a snapshot of the projected cost and revenues of the program based on what we know is committed right now and the three main revenue sources from parking, transit pass purchases and fare box and the toll and you could see that the way -- based on what is committed now a lot of revenue is coming from that toll and hence the feedback to look at can we diversify this either further? and there are -- you know, sources we can in partnership with -- well, with our partners look towards to supplement that. this is a high
7:09 am
level overview of the implementation time frame. again we want services to be begin when the first new homes are available for occupancy on treasure island, right now mid- mid-2019 so leading up to there is system engineering work and civil design work to do. a lot of work is developing the programs and benefits so developing the transit pass. how much will the value of that be? what benefits will it include? we are envisioning something more than a muni fast pass because there's ac transit and we have a ferry also operating and we want the pass to shall this ordinance be . >> >> the transit for toll credit for frequent transit use developing that and getting those two systems to talk to
7:10 am
each other, and our agency partnerships developing finalizing service plans with ac transit and weta leading up to 2019. thank you very much for all your feedback in past and i am happy to answer your questions. >> [inaudible] (off mic). >> just a quick question. how much youths live on the island and in terms of school age? do you know how many commute in and out of the island and how do they get to school? >> right. i know there is about 600 households on the island now and the share of people who are youth i don't know. i don't know whether liz knows that. >> [inaudible] (off mic). >> i mean can you get that from the school district? >> we can.
7:11 am
>> they should know how many student residents of the island there are, what schools they go to. >> yes. >> i assume they get to school by public transit or who knows. >> so there's a mix of things and i invite liz if you have additional information on this please come up and add on to what i say but we heard this during outreach that kids need to take muni to their schools and to do that they are taking the 25 to the transbay terminal and transfer to the other route that will get them to wherever the school is, and there are some -- i hear some things about other -- like sort of shuttle bus services -- >> sfuc provides the yellow school bus for a selection of public elementary schools like betsy carmichael i believe and john wai in redding but i don't have the full list but they
7:12 am
provide limited elementary school service but once you're in middle school and high school you need to take the 25 and transfer. >> i would like to know if you can tell me how many are due the muni program? >> okay. i will find out, yeah. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you commissioner campos. i know that you have made my -- i've made my comments earlier in meetings and from the board and i appreciate the work done thus far and i am excited about us being able to pilot a mobility management system at all, and i just want to say i strongly believe in having one for the entire city as we continue to grow in density we need to think about mobility management for the entire city here in san francisco. i have
7:13 am
expressed some of the concerns about just isolating one neighborhood that is a part of our city on treasure island. although i do appreciate what has been said about new residents who have an understanding of the cost of transit before they decide to move on the island so i appreciate that were considerations made to existing residents and particular low income households on the island and you know finally i did ask for the agency to at least consider hours where there aren't tolling for the residents. i certainly believe it makes sense in peak hours and by 2019 it maybe most of the day so i am glad we're exploring it and i feel while i have some concerns what is put forward i feel like there's been a lot of thoughtfulness and a commitment to listen to any of these issues that i have and residents have
7:14 am
brought up so i feel a lot of comfort moving forward and i think we will be able to incorporate a lot of feedback into the final outcome of 2019 and i really appreciate the thought that went into the work. it's exciting to reimagine this neighborhood with ferry e expanded bus services and bike and bus share and other scpfers they're necessary and we can really build with a future of a neighborhood on treasure island so thank you for all of the work. director chang. >> thank you chair kim, commissioners. i wanted to echo the thanks to the agencies and rachel and you are and guidance and support and to be responsive and to the community and carry through on the promises to look for
7:15 am
diversification for operations and non tolled windows and finding solutions there. it's really exciting to work on a project like this. i look forward to not only continued local support but hopefully regional support. this project has performed very well, a tom performer for two rounds of the bay area work and as we move into the final stages of bay area 2040 update and hope it receives the regional support at mtc and the air district and programs that we might apply to and mtc and the air district or cap and trade and this is for all areas and social and environmental and we're hoping to enjoy that support from the region going forward and at the state level as well. >> thank you director. so at this time seeing no further comments from the committee members we will open it up for public comment on this item. if you would like to speak on item
7:16 am
5 please do come up. seeing no public it is now closed. [gavel] thank you again for the presentation. mr. clerk can we call the next item. >> do we have to vote on that? >> i'm sorry. thank you. thank you commissioner. yes. we do have to make approval -- recommend approval of item number 5. >> i make a motion to move this item forward with a positive recommendation. >> and we can do that same house, same call. thank you commissioner. mr. clerk next item. >> item 6 is update on the yerba buena island east side ramps project and it's an information item. >> mr. dennis. >> good afternoon chair kim and commissioner campos. my name is dale dennis and the
7:17 am
authority's project manager for the ybi ramps project. this afternoon i hope to provide you a status update on the ramps project itself along with a couple of additional transportation elements on that portion of the island. the ybi -- there's a lot of work going on the island and not only the ramps but obviously with all the development going on. the current ramps project is approximately 90% constructed, and this is a current view of the status of the construction. we are moving forward on schedule and on budget. the contract was awarded in december 2013. again about 90% complete, and president capital phase of the project is 68 million and the goal is
7:18 am
12.5% for dbe and we're meeting that goal and with the progress we experienced to date the new ramps are scheduled to open in september of this year. some of the upcoming milestones to complete the ramps this month they're completing the bridge barrier rails. next month in august we're moving forward with the north gate mc clawla reconstruction with completing the seismic bridge deck joints and moving forward in september we will start and complete the traffic electrical signing and striping and that will allows us to open the ramps and at that point and we will have other work but it's scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. the next slide shows some interesting facts and figures.
7:19 am
just showing the magnitude and complexity of the project, but there's been 12500 cubic yards of structure concrete and over 1400 truck loads and five millions of pounds of steel and 7-miles of piles and more than 185-tons of structural steel so it's a very complicated project and it's interesting to see what it takes to build these projects of this nature. this slide gives you a nice aerial view of the ramps from the tunnel above 80 so you can really good a good perspective as to the configuration and the geometrics of the ramp. as i mentioned there's a couple other transportation elements that we are moving forward with working with all of our partners,
7:20 am
working with caltrans, the bay area toll authority, tida, their developer, the local city agencies mta and dpw along with the coast guard and one of the elements is vista point. caltrans is in the process of wrapping up the construction of the pedestrian bicycle path on the bay bridge and one of the things with all the construction that is going on the island over the next couple of years we are working with our partners to create a vista point so bicyclists and pedestrians arriving at the island will have some place to go until shft other some of the pedestrian paths are constructed in the future. if you look at the exhibit all of the orange -- up to the orange on the exhibit
7:21 am
is what cal trans is constructing and on the left side of the exhibit and then to the right with all the green, yellow and the blue, those are facilities that are being constructed as part of vista point. those will include hydration station, restrooms, bike racks, bunches and additional parking area and in order to construct this we're using quarters nine from the coast guard so the coast guard have been cooperative in assisting with the improvements. the funding has been identified a combination of funds from bata and the authority with c co with the current ramps project so estimated at $2 million currently and we're shooting to open vista point this fall as well and hopefully tie it with the hoping -- official opening
7:22 am
of the bike pedestrian facility. this is a view of what the bicyclists or people arriving at the site would actually see looking back at the bay bridge so it's a pretty striking view. the other element that we're working with our partners on is the alignment of the south gate road. it's a local roadway system connecting the east side, eastbound ramps and the westbound ramps making it a full interchange. as we have been working with our partners and engineers over the last months it's recognized that the current line for south gate in the configuration on this exhibit has a number of deficiencies operationally and just in conflict with the bike -- vista point we were just talking
7:23 am
about, but with this configuration we're looking at -- there could be potential q spill backs on to 80 from the off ramp. the bike ped will have a conflict there between the vehicular traffic and vehicle and peds. there is no public parking currently planned and again the south gate hillcrest intersection would be a l so f at this point and beyond that as the geometrics laid out there are truck deficiencies that wouldn't allow full access for trucks so we have been working with our partners and the next exhibit shows the realigned south gate road which addresses all of these deficiencies. you will see the alignment of south gate instead of being on the north side of the hillcrest you will
7:24 am
see it sweeps down to the south side of quarters eight under the eastbound off ramp and sweeps under the bridge to go ahead and tie into mc clawla where the ramps project is. with this configuration and you can see on the top side on the orange you will see the connections for the bike peds where they can have access to the vista point as well as to the left there's a 16-foot bike ped path that then sweeps down under the bridge to tie into mc clowla as well. the benefits of this proposed realignment of south gate -- again it reduces the cuing on to 80 and safety improvement, eliminates the bike ped conflict, establish the parking area around quarters eight. it results in significant
7:25 am
intersection lo s improvement operationally and again it accommodates the truck turning movements which is critical because this is the primary ramps used when we start working on the west side bridges. we're currently working forward with an implementation plan with our partners. caltrans has already issued a deductive change order to not construct south gate in the previously planned area, and so we are now working with caltrans and bata and the other group to come up with a plan for the south gate realignment and hoping to accomplish in the next two, three months. with that i will see if you have any questions. >> thank you mr. dennis and i don't see any questions. thank you so much for the presentation and it is really exciting to see
7:26 am
this come in completion and on time and budget and excited about the bike pathway and rest stop. i think that's a great addition for the item and those cycling on the bay bridge. >> thank you. >> i will simply know i know the executive director will keep me posted as i sit on the mtc bata in terms of funding and whatever we can do to supportive of the project please let us know. >> thank you. >> thank you commissioner. at this time we will open it up for public comment on item number 6. if any members of the public would like to see. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] . this item is an informational item and so mr. clerk can you please call the next item. >> item 7 introduction of new items. >> and i don't believe we have any introduction of new items. do we take public comment on this item? >> it's not necessary. >> okay thank you. moving on
7:27 am
to item 8. >> item 8 general public comment. >> good afternoon. andrew chinatown -- [inaudible] officer. [inaudible] cycles and actualization of learning of the hallway the cultivation of the holy way of establishing of the holy way -- [inaudible] another way is to show loyalty, parental love in their spirit and also uplift from the holy cycles and heaven and [inaudible] holy path way may not be able to escape from this [inaudible] cycles of downfall. political leaders engage fully -- [inaudible] compensation of [inaudible] and may not be able to [inaudible] fully for learning, cultivation
7:28 am
and establishment and take on the holy way. only way of loyalty parental love humanity and justice one may be able to [inaudible] of soil of holiness. this is the absolute principle of this. that everyone should put to good consideration. one must work on [inaudible] having a heart [inaudible] in practice of contemplation and mercy. take a save -- [inaudible] career to perfect one's family and society in terms of -- thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any other members of the public that would like to speak in general public comment? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] mr. clerk are any other items today? >> item 9 adjournment.
7:29 am
>> meeting adjourned. thank you very much for attending. [gavel]
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